Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Remember Me

You have known me from church for the last 10 yrs. I lived down the street and played with your son everyday. You met me in the grocery store and my mom told you my dad just left without a word. You saw me in the yard pretending to be a soldier like my dad, who is away at war. You talked to me when you brought back the tools you borrowed from my dad, but dad was'nt there, another 16 hour work day for him. I heard you say you loved hunting. I bet its fun. I saw the fish you caught last Saturday. I wish I could catch a fish like that. I love the bumper sticker on your truck, you know the one that says, (Pass It On). I watched as you and your son got ready to go the shooting range yesterday. I wanted to ask if I could go, but I did'nt want to be a burden. Mom always says she will take me hiking, but she has my little sister to care for and does'nt have time. Sometimes I go hiking in the backyard and pretend there is a river. I lay down in that river and splash around, and sometimes I catch fish with my bare hands. It would be really cool If I could do that for real. I got a plastic gun and binoculars for Christmas this year. I went to the empty lot next to the gas station and pretended to hunt deer like you do. Remember you saw me. You said to yourself, "I should take him hunting with me sometime". Sometime never came. When your son tells me about his adventures, I go home and pretend I'm your son. I dream of the day you ask me to go. I just want you to know I'll be here if you ever need a huntin buddie. I'll be here, waiting, and hoping. Just waiting for a chance make you feel like you made a difference. When you do finally knock on my door and ask if I would like to go fishing for a few hours, I will run to the other room and beg momma to let me go. Momma will come to the door and say he can go if he won't be to much trouble . I will be praying you say "no trouble at all". And when we are done with our adventure I promise I will never forget how much you cared for me. I will go home and tell my mom what a great day we had together. I will tell my friends at school how big the fish was that I caught. And I promise with all my heart I will never ever forget that you loved me.
Written By Phil McAmis

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