Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hes There, Just Listen

I found him once while sitting on a log while wetting a line. I seen him in a great Kansas sunset. He walks with me to my deerstand, and talks with me on every hunt. With tear filled eyes he came to me and gave me a hug when I was at that bend in the creek.  I hear him in the flowing water, and the singing birds, in the joyful scamper of squirrels, and the howls of the coyotes, in the blowing wind, and the calmest of days. When I want to speak to him I know where he is. He is in my deerstand, and at the lake, on the ole hiking trail by the creek, he is in the meadow, and on top of the mountain.  When I need his strength he is in a mighty thunderstorm, and the flashes of lightning, in the windstorms, and raging rivers. His presents never leaves me, I am never alone. He wipes my tears and forms my smile. He shows me his peace with every falling leaf, and assures me of his promise with every new bud. Though life ends it is renewed with the warmth of his love. Stop; and close your eyes the next time you are in the outdoors and see if you find my God speaking to you, the way he does me.
Written By Phil, McAmis

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