Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Again!

Why do we have such passion to be in the outdoors? What is it about standing in a tree for hours at a time hoping for a deer to come within bow range that has us so excited  months before season starts? Then when we finally climb into our stands the first time each season and we feel as though we are home again after being away for years. All of our old friends are still there. The sunrise welcomes us back with a gift of frozen dew on the waving blades of grass. The Bobwhite family stops by our stand and sings us a song that is so beautiful we never want it to end. Our old buddy the squirrel is still in that ole cottonwood tree barking at us, maybe he is just saying hello. The annoying Blue jay that lives just a few trees away is still flying from tree branch to tree branch making way to much noise, telling the woods we are home. The Raccoon family from the hole down the way are walking home after a busy night trying to feed the family. The leaves from our tree fall to the ground, alerting us of all who pass by. The smells of the plains fill our noses with a sweetness you only get from a Kansas deer hunt. We are in love with our place in the deer woods, and our prairie family has welcomed us for another short stay. When that buck does come within range our bodies begin to shake, our heart races, our breathing is out of control. We draw our bow, and release the arrow on its mission to provide us food, and house hold decoration. We hang our bow in its spot on the side of the tree and sit for a moment knowing what comes next. Our bodies again shake out of control, and for a moment we fear falling from our perch high in the tree. As we sit and ponder our shot we say a prayer of thank to God for giving  us such a beautiful setting to provide for our families. We climb from our tree not to return till next year, where we will again be welcomed back to our home in Gods outdoor paradise, knowing this is where we are supposed to be.
Written By Phil McAmis

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