Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1000 Kid Weekend

 So 1000 Kids turkey hunting weekend. REALLY? What was Shannon and I thinking when we thought up this hair brain idea? Well let me tell you what we were thinking. First and foremost, we were thinking of another way to get people involved in taking kids outdoors. We believe every child should be given the the same chance to enjoy the outdoors as many of us have had. We have our own version of no child left behind here at 100,000 Kids Outdoors. We also believe if most outdoors men/women were to take a child outdoors 1 time, they would do it for the rest of their lives. Now I don't know about you all, but for me nothing gives me more joy then to see a happy child. Have you ever watched one of those you tube videos that say some thing like, I bet this video makes you laugh. When you click on the link all you see is a baby laughing. You cant help but to laugh. Well now imagine you taking a child turkey hunting. You sit down next to a tree, with the child by your side. You put that diaphram call in your mouth and start yelping, a few seconds later you hear it, gobble gobble in the distance. You work the ole tom for several minutes when he steps out from behind the brush in full strut. Then it happens you begin to feel the child shaking, you slowly look down at their face and their eyes are fixed on a spectacle they have never seen before. As the turkey gets closer you hear the drumming, and pattering of his feet. You feel the nervous twitching of the child's hand. Then another tom steps out, and together you watch the turkeys showing off for your decoy. You see the child's foot beginning to move back and forth. You try to whisper for the child to stop moving but the turkey sees your movement. The turkey turns and begins to walk away, you tell the child to shoot, BOOM!!! The toms takes to flight and falls from the air. "You got him" The child hands you the gun, and runs to his first ever turkey. You slowly stand and walk to the overly excited child who is beaming with pride. You bend over and pick the turkey up and try to hand it to the child when the wings begin to flap from the last movements of the nerves, the child jumps back from fear, you chuckle. The child again approaches you and the turkey after his 50yrd retreat from turkzilla. You try to hand the bird to your little sidekick but he is a bit scared. Finally after earning his trust he takes his first turkey in his hands. You snap a few photos for a keepsake and you realize your life has been changed forever. 1000 Kids turkey hunting weekend. REALLY? Your darn right REALLY! Bet we make you smile!

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